Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Instead of Telling My TV Again

I'll just tell you: I can't stand that stupid commercial with Lee Iacocca and his SUPPOSED granddaughter. Forget the Jason Alexander and Snoop Dogg atrocities, because this one with the kid will forever be the worst......

It's a sunny, southern, Werther's kind of day; Lee Iacocca's talking some country bullshit about cars and families to this ugly, red-headed kid. Then, out of nowhere, the freckled brat decides to openly mock her grandfather, a giant of the automotive industry. She evens speaks slower, as if to say that Lee Iacocca is in someway retarded. Just who the fuck does she think she is?

Finally, the reverse shot of Iacocca at the very end. His lips say, "That's my girl," but his eyes are more, "You talk back again and I'm gonna burn you in the face with a special cigar I been saving ever since I ripped it outta Jimmy Hoffa's fat, dead hand."

Watch it. Tell me I'm wrong.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oooo. I hate that girl too. She deserves to beaten soundly about the head and neck with her own severed leg.

How can we make this happen?