Thursday, April 24, 2008

NBC to confirm Jimmy Fallon as Conan's replacement:

Jimmy Fallon & Carson Daly back-to-back every night?
At least I won't have to take those sleeping pills anymore.


Anonymous said...

Being English, neither of these gentlemen mean a great deal to me. Is that Daly chap one of the Thunderbirds?

Social Baron said...

I am not happy about this. Fallon is not that funnny. I can't think of any memorable SNL sketches by him. He may have charisma, but Rob Schneider is much funnier.

Fletcher Kauffman said...

Perhaps they will do something of a new meta-talkshow, where the gimmick is that the host can't say anything with any commitment and, instead, smirks his way through everything-- then the guests will look around, wondering what the joke is that they're not in on-- but we'll all know! Which is that Jimmy Fallon is a mincing pratt.