Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kristi Yamaguchi is perfect on Dancing With the Stars!!

So did everyone forget that she already won an Olympic gold medal for the exact same skill?

(Only back then, it was with 1/2" blades to balance on, a slippery sheet of ice to fall on, and the constant risk of severe head trauma to keep her one fart away from crapping through her nude pantyhose.)


Dale Sorenson said...

"one fart away from crapping through her nude pantyhose"

I just cried a single tear of joy at the bittersweet poetry of this phrase.

Dave said...

Yamaguchi is still really hot, crapped pantyhose or un-crapped pantyhose.

Unknown said...

This is one vulgar comment. Whoever wrote it should have his/her/its shoes cemented before a nice dip in the East River. Oh, I see! It's somebody called Dale Sorenson. I hope he messes his pants in public.