Friday, January 20, 2006

Little known fact about Bob Barker:

He's 6 years older than Dick Clark.


hannah said...

Your dry commentary on everything from "Last Holiday" to compass/protractor kept me laughing all through a very boring and mundane Monday afternoon of work.


Paul said...

I always thougth Bob Barker was a little creepy. Always with the spay and neuter your pets. That's kind of a strange cause to latch for an entire career.

It's like:
Charelton Heston is to guns
Bob Barker is to pet genitals

anyway, cool site.

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw him live, Barker was still going strong. We all thought Dick Clark was going to be young forever, but
since that stroke its painful to watch him. At the last New Year's Rockin' eve show, he looked like Joan Rivers on quaaludes.