Thursday, April 03, 2008

With all due respect to 'pregnant man' Thomas Beatie....

Cutting off your breasts and taking testosterone - while leaving your female sexual & reproductive organs totally intact - does not a man make.

But I guess it's hard to book a media tour when you're just another pregnant lady with facial hair.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, lady, you're an idiot here. Gender expression is different than biological sex. Look it up, asshole, and try to keep in mind who you might offend. Regardless of my boyfriend's biological sex, I respect his and anyone else's gender identity (which, by the way, even the scientific world now regards as different from biological get with it!) as they choose to express it. While Thomas Beattie may be biologically female (and NEVER denied that, I might add), he does express himself as a man. (gender expression has more to do with secondary sex characteristics (like...oh, wait...facial hair and a deeper voice? He HAS that!!!) and social expression- if you'd met him before all the hype, before all the pictures and before the pregnancy, you'd probably have treated him like every other man.

The media hype over this being a 'pregnant man'? Was ridiculous. The family didn't want it- it was people like you saying things like this that kept it going as long and hard as it did.

Thank you for being an asshole. Please stop and think about your actions and words, and please- be informed before you try to post about something you don't understand.